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Wellness Coaching is a free, weekly opportunity for all Auburn students to work forming and maintaining health and wellness habits.

Using a strength based approach and based on the Nine Dimensions of Wellness, students work with a Peer Wellness Coach to cultivate healthy habits in areas such as:

  • Self-Care
  • Stress Management
  • Time Management
  • Financial Wellness/Literacy
  • Sleep Hygiene
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Conflict Management
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What Students Say:

“I enjoy the re-centering reflection wellness coaching provides.”


“Having a one on one connection to [health]  information in the form of a wellness coach makes it more personal and manageable. It motivates me to actually follow through on my health and wellness goals.”


“Wellness Coaching helps me to plan my week ahead of time and have a better of idea of what my goals  are going to be to improve each week.”

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Wellness Coaching FAQ's

What is Wellness Coaching?

Wellness Coaching is a weekly opportunity to explore your strengths while focusing on your health and well-being. This positive approach is designed using the Nine Dimensions of Wellness framework to help you reach your healthy living goals.

What topics can be covered in Wellness Coaching?

Wellness Coaches can discuss with you any healthy living goals under the Nine Dimensions of Wellness framework, as long as they are not symptoms of a larger clinical issue needing to be treated by a licences professional. Some common topics discussed are:

  • Stress Management
  • Sleep Health
  • Social Wellness and Conflict Resolution
  • Financial Management
  • Time Management
  • Self-Care

Who would my Wellness Coach be?

You will be paired with a Peer Wellness Coach who will meet with your during your sessions. Peer Wellness Coaches are upperclassmen, undergrad students who have completed training in peer health education and wellness coaching.

What makes Wellness Coaching different from Mental Health Counseling?

Wellness Coaching is a service created to support student as they pursue their health goals, counseling is treatment for a mental health concern.

Peer Wellness Coaches are not certified mental health professionals and cannot treat mental health disorders. If you are looking for treatment for a mental health concern (i.e. depression, OCD, bipolar disorder) please contact Student Counseling and Psychological Services.

If you are going to seek counseling or already are in counseling and would like to do Wellness Coaching as an additional service, please check with your mental health care provider before enrolling.

Is there a cost to get a Wellness Coach?

No, Wellness Coaching is a free service for all registered Auburn University students.

How many sessions will I have with my Wellness Coach?

You and your coach should be able to get through the Wellness Coaching activities and curriculum in 4-6 sessions. It may be different depending on each person. Clients can have as many sessions as they would like, not exceeding more than meeting once a week. All Wellness Coaching ends when the semester concludes, and those who would like to continue coaching next semester will need to re-register.

How long are Wellness Coaching sessions?

Each Wellness Coaching session can go as long as the client would like, but not exceeding 50 minutes.

Where do I meet with my Wellness Coach?

Students will meet with their coaches in Health Promotion and Wellness Services, Suite 1206 in the Auburn Student Center.

Is Wellness Coaching a confidential resource on campus?

Wellness Coaching is private, but not confidential. Confidential services on campus include counseling provided by Student Counseling and Psychological Services, Safe Harbor Services, and Substance Use Services.

Wellness Coaches are not licensed mental health professionals, and therefore are subject to mandated reporting. All information shared between you and your Wellness Coach will be kept private unless there is mention of harm to you or another person.

How do I become a Peer Wellness Coach?

If you would like to be a Peer Wellness Coach you will need to go through a training in our curriculum, motivational interviewing, and the readiness to change model. If you are looking for a leadership opportunity that involves connecting one on one with other students, Peer Wellness Coaching might be for you!


Please contact Chase Chaplin at cchaplin@auburn.edu for more information.

Is Wellness Coaching a resource available at other universities besides Auburn?

Yes! There are over 40 other colleges and  universities across the United States offering Wellness Coaching to their students through a health promotion office.

Who should I contact with general questions about Wellness Coaching?

Please contact Chase Chaplin, Coordinator of Outreach and Peer Education at cchaplin@auburn.edu.