Substance Use Intervention Team, or SUIT, is a comprehensive program focused on supporting individuals who struggle with problematic alcohol and/or substance use or for those who desire accountability for their personal alcohol and/or substance use goals. Harm reduction is one of the desired outcomes of the SUIT program, however, depending on an individual’s goals, the program may be tailored to focus on abstinence and recovery.

SUIT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is SUIT?

Substance Use Intervention Team (SUIT) is an individual educational intervention program for all Auburn students who may want to reduce or end their substance use or who have been found in violation of an alcohol or drug related policy (typically, the second or third violation). The SUIT program is designed to help students make informed substance use decisions and to reduce their risks for substance-related harm.

2. What are the components of the SUIT program?

There are various requirements of the SUIT program, including:

  • Weekly relapse prevention sessions
  • Weekly check-in appointments
  • Weekly attendance at a support group meeting, along with the completion of a written reflection
  • Weekly random drug tests

3. Who is referred to SUIT?

Students are referred for violations of policy by Student Conduct, however, students may be referred by a number of other offices on campus such as Residence Life, Greek Life, Student Counseling & Psychological Services, and the Auburn University Medical Clinic. In addition, students may complete the SUIT program as a self-referral.

4. Is there a fee for SUIT?

There are no fees associated with SUIT appointments for students who have been sanctioned to complete the program or students who have self-referred. There is a no-show fee of $40 for a missed intake appointment and $20 for a missed follow up appointment.

The only fee associated with the program is the cost of the weekly random drug screens ($41) at the Auburn University Medical Clinic.

5. Who conducts SUIT sessions?

Trained graduate-level facilitators and professionals conduct SUIT sessions under the supervision of a licensed clinician. Students enrolled in the SUIT program will have individual meetings for Case Management and Relapse Prevention each week. The SUIT Case Manager will assist the student in their completion of the program and serve as a connector to resources on- and off-campus. During Relapse Prevention sessions, students will work with a facilitator to identify triggers for substance use, build coping and refusal skills, and explore underlying mechanisms of substance use and addiction.

Facilitators strive to create a non-judgmental environment for honest conversation about alcohol and substance use and all SUIT sessions are confidential. No information will be disclosed to outside parties without a student’s written consent.

6. Where are SUIT sessions held?

SUIT sessions are held in the Health Promotion & Wellness Services office located on the first floor of the Student Center, Suite 1115.

7. How do I schedule an appointment?

To schedule a SUIT consultation appointment, please call our office at 334-844-1528.

8. What do students say about SUIT?

One student shared…

“I’ve actually recommended the program to two of my friends struggling to quit. I also really enjoyed this program because they don’t treat you lesser than they would treat someone who hadn’t had an ‘issue.’ In my time with them they were more than I had expected, they helped me through the loss of a friend and so many other things that they weren’t responsible to help with. Though it was time consuming I weirdly miss my meetings here.”