The decision to have sex should not be taken lightly. The choice to be sexually active or to abstain from sexual activity is personal and should be based on the values and beliefs of the individual. The Office of Health Promotion and Wellness Services focuses on providing students with accurate information about the risks and consequences of their sexual behavior and is an open, honest, and non-judgmental environment for students to learn about sexual wellness.

Please contact to have questions about sex answered anonymously.

Condoms and lubricant products are available for students in the HPWS office.

Condom tips:

  • Can be carried for up to 1 month in a wallet
  • Do not open package with teeth or anything sharp
  • Use water based lubricants
  • Use a new condom for different sexual acts
  • Don’t keep in direct sunlight or temperatures over 100 degrees
  • Don’t continue using a broken condom
  • Always make sure you or your partner uses a condom to protect from STDs

A sexually well person…

  • Makes responsible sexual choices that are consistent with their values and beliefs.
  • Refrains from using sex to manipulate, coerce, exploit, or influence others.
  • Minimizes unwanted consequences through communication, protection, and risk reduction measures.
  • Understands their sexuality and the sexuality of others.
  • Respects that each person expresses their sexuality differently
  • Accepts the diversity of values and beliefs about sexuality that exist.
  • Understands that all sexual decisions have effects or consequences.
  • Realizes that abstaining from sexual activity is the most effective method of preventing the unintended consequences of sex.