Auburn University is committed to supporting students, faculty, staff and alumni of all backgrounds with a campus culture of safety, community, and responsibility. We want all Auburn Family members to feel welcome and to have a healthy and positive experience in an environment that allows them to thrive and achieve their goals. For these reasons, Auburn University has partnered with EverFi to deliver a suite of educational resources. More information about this partnership, including important dates and frequently asked questions (FAQs), can be found on this webpage.

Important Dates and Information

Launch Date:

On July 20, 2022, students will receive an email inviting them to participate in the courses.

**The course will not open until this date**

Due Date:

Auburn University expects you to complete EverFi (AlcoholEdu for College and Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates) by August 17, 2022.


For any questions not addressed below, please contact

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What if I cannot find or did not receive my email invitation?

No worries – this direct link ( will take you to a login page where you sign with your AU credentials and begin the courses. Please note these courses are currently only offered for incoming students entering Auburn in August 2022.

Why am I being asked to take these courses?

These courses are in alignment with Auburn’s institutional values for fostering a more healthy, welcoming campus community for all. These courses also allow students to anonymously provide their perspective on campus culture.

How long does it take to complete the courses?

Each learning module completion time will vary from 45 minutes to a couple of hours. Individuals can complete each course at one time, or they can spread the courses out over a span of time by completing and saving small segments each time they visit the module.

Are these courses required?

At Auburn University, we strive to provide a safe and healthy college experience. As part of our comprehensive prevention program, Auburn University expects you to make every effort to complete these courses with the hope they will empower the campus community to make well-informed decisions.

What is EverFi, and what is it providing Auburn via this partnership?

EverFi is a digital learning provider utilized by companies, organizations and educational institutions around the globe to manage their implementation of knowledge of critical topics in the classroom, in the office and the community to become empowering and inclusive entities that are welcoming to all.

Over 1,300 colleges and universities use EverFi to deliver global education to their campus, including UCLA, University of Mississippi, Penn State University, UAB, University of Florida, Texas A&M University, and University of Georgia. EverFi provides those institutions with an online suite of educational resources concerning everything from alcohol and substance abuse and sexual assault prevention to mental health and well-being maintenance. Auburn first partnered with EverFi in 2014 to deliver campus-wide learning.

What are Auburn’s goals for implementing EverFi?

Auburn is seeking to create a campus environment where every member of our community can thrive. Our overall goals are:

  • EverFi courses will highlight the role each person has in making Auburn University a more supportive and engaging place to learn, work, and live
  • EverFi content will reinforce the university commitment to safety, wellbeing, and content shared at Camp War Eagle
  • EverFi courses will be a catalyst for the discussion regarding healthy decisions on campus
  • EverFi courses will assist the University community in identifying resources that provide a safer environment

Is my data private?

The EverFi interface is securely connected with AU Access, Auburn’s secure online portal. No data is being used for any other purpose than a safe and secure online course assignment.

Will my answers be private?

The EverFi courses will include surveys about your personal health behaviors to help personalize your experience and measure students’ attitudes and behaviors. All survey responses are confidential; Auburn University will only receive information about the student body as a whole and never your individual answers as a student.

Do I need to take this if I’ve already completed similar courses with another campus organization?

No, if you are a transfer student coming to Auburn from another institution you may be exempt from completing EVERFI here. Please contact to discuss.

Did the University create this module?

No. Auburn University has partnered with EverFi – a company that provides these courses and several others on our campus. This suite of online learning is currently being delivered at hundreds of campuses across the nation.

Can I access this material in the future?

The modules material will remain accessible for you before and after the suggested due date. Once complete, you can return to the modules at any time to review materials shared.

Are there resources for parents?

Parents may visit for resources on promoting healthy behaviors and addressing critical issues.

I am experiencing technical difficulties. Who should I contact?

Contact EverFi’s 24/7 Tech Support Team.

  • Click the “Help” link at the bottom of your dashboard when you log into your EverFi account.
  • Also, the following link will bring you directly to the Online help Center:
  • Phone Number to speak with EverFi Support Representative: 1-866-384-9062.